How to Write a Good Hook For an Argumentative Essay

How to Write a Good Hook For an Argumentative Essay

A good hook for an argumentative essay begins with an interesting fact, quotation, personal anecdote, or question. The introduction paragraph should transition to the main argument. The thesis statement should be stated, and the main points should be summed up at the end of the paragraph. The body of the argumentative essay will present analysis and support the thesis statement. This article will offer a few tips for writing a great hook.

Statement hooks make an argumentative essay stand out

A statement hook is a good way to draw the reader in with the topic of your essay. A fact will give the reader the real scoop on the topic, allowing you to impress them with your knowledge. The fact needs to be interesting, reliable, and come from a credible source. Listed below are some tips to make your statement hooks effective. They will make your argumentative essay stand out! Read on to discover some of the best and most popular ways to hook your readers with facts.

The statement hook is a great way to start an argumentative essay. It is easier to write an introductory paragraph once you have a hook in mind. A statement hook should be catchy enough to make your readers want to read more of your paper. Once you have a hook in mind, you can begin writing your essay with confidence. Just remember that the hook should be like the opening paragraph of a book.

Be personal

The first sentence in your paper is not always the best choice for a hook. You should not make the mistake of trying to force your hook onto the audience. Instead, let it come to you as you write the essay. If you have written the essay, go back and check whether the hook you wrote fits it. If it does, move on to the next step. You can make this change anytime during the writing process.

You can write a personal narrative as the hook for your argumentative essay, but you should avoid using this technique for business essays. While this style may be okay for college applications, it is not appropriate for persuasive papers. If you have a problem with climate change, you can use statistics to hook the reader. Remember to include the source of your data. If you are using statistics, make sure to reference reputable sources for the data.

Be easy to understand

Choosing a topic for an argumentative essay may seem easy, but the challenge lies in creating an effective hook. If the hook is bad, readers may not read the rest of the essay. A topic that is related to the paper’s thesis statement is ideal. It is not necessary to be blatantly negative or sarcastic, however. A thesis statement will not be a single sentence, but should lead the reader logically from the introduction to the bulk of the text.

Another good hook for an argumentative essay is a personal experience. Write about an embarrassing or surprising experience that is directly related to the argument. These hooks also use active voice, which makes the argumentative essay more direct. A personal experience hook also makes it easier for readers to relate to the argument because they relate to concrete answers. You can discuss the correctness or wrongness of the answers and justify your position in the conclusion.

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