How to Write an Opinion Essay

How to Write an Opinion Essay

If you’re writing an opinion essay, you have many options, and you’re probably wondering how to structure an opinion essay. There are some simple steps you can follow, such as developing your opinion before you start writing, using adjectives to express your viewpoint, and avoiding Internet slang. Read on to find out how to write an opinion essay. After you’ve written the introduction, you can move on to the body of the essay.

Structure of an opinion essay

The standard structure for an opinion essay is composed of an introduction, two or more body paragraphs, and a conclusion. In some cases, the structure may be modified to accommodate a particular assignment, such as a longer essay. The body paragraphs can cover several aspects of a topic, allowing one section to completely cover the issue. The conclusion should convey a strong message to the reader and call for action. Here are some examples of the typical structure of an opinion essay.

Developing your opinion before writing an opinion essay

There are many benefits to developing your own opinion before writing an argumentative essay. Opinion writing requires the use of scaffolding, which can include basic and advanced sentence frames, opinion statements, and content-specific words. You may also need to re-arrange sentences or use higher-level academic language. Once you have these basic building blocks in place, you’ll be well on your way to constructing your argumentative essay.

Using adjectives to show your opinion

When writing an argumentative or opinion essay, the strongest way to express your opinion is through the use of strong verbs, such as “affirm,” “declare,” and “suggest.” These words are powerful tools that help you draw the reader’s attention and elicit an emotional response. You can also use these words to convey your personal bias. These words are often used when drawing conclusions, evaluating a study, or making a prediction. Although it is generally acceptable to write an essay expressing your opinion, academic writing should avoid personal opinions.

Avoiding Internet slang

When it comes to writing an opinion essay, the best way to avoid using Internet slang is to make it as natural and as free of grammatical errors as possible. While this style of writing is popular among younger students, many professors and even parents are apprehensive about using it in their essays. This article will discuss the pros and cons of using Internet slang in an opinion essay.

Developing a thesis statement for an opinion essay

The controlling idea is the word, phrase, or clause that states the author’s point of view, attitude, or stand on a topic. Examples of controlling ideas include: Better education for children is possible, but parents and schools must work together to get there. New voting machines have many advantages, but aren’t perfect, and prayer in schools is a hot topic today. The following examples are useful for forming an opinion essay thesis statement.

Conclusion of an opinion essay

The conclusion of an opinion essay restates the central point of the essay and reaffirms the thesis statement. It should contain a brief summary of the evidence that you gathered while writing the essay and should also clarify why your main opinion matters. To write an effective conclusion, it is imperative to develop a solid outline before beginning your essay. The outline represents almost 70 percent of the work involved in writing an essay. Joining the arguments is the remaining 30 percent.

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